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right and various Ukrainian folk traditions and Ukraine holidays reach their roots into ancient times. New Year and Christmas holidays in Ukraine are not the only ones that are celebrated in January. The season of a year free from fieldworks, harvesting and many household chores is rich in different celebrations aiming to cheer the folk up during the cold winter days and unite families around the festive table.

One of the Christian holidays unknown to the wide public is Melanky Day, celebrated usually on January, 13th and 14th. Not all the Ukrainians even know about this holiday due to a period in Ukrainian history when for more than 70 years people were banned from keeping the traditions and Christianity as well. The borders between features of different nations became blurred; therefore modern Ukrainian nation cannot revise its own traditions. It is especially true about the big cities, as villages of central and western part of the country (like regions Halychyna and Bukovyna) still honor the past. Yet the growth of interest to ancient rites raises the importance of keeping folk traditions nowadays at least as a matter of entertainment.