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Do not Recognize a Transaction Linked to our Site? 

If you found a credit card transaction which reads " " on your bank statement, that means your card was charged by our site through Allied Wallet payment gateway.

In case you never made any payment on our site and do not recognize this transaction, contact our support operator or Allied Wallet to get issue resolved.


In compliance with the Violence Against Women and the Department of Justice Reauthorization Act as of 2005 H.R. 3402) that contains the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA), the following is a precondition before you can be rendered contact exchange services provided by Jump4love. IMBRA applies only to those living in the USA or USA Nationals who plan to meet and marry a woman from Although a-mans-mind consider itself an international dating site and does not consider itself an International Marriage Agency/Broker, it may be considered such by IMBRA.


All United States Residents and Nationals who use a-mans-mind services and who became interested in obtaining personal contact information of female clients through, are prohibited from having any direct communications with those Foreign National Members until full compliance with the IMBRA have been fulfilled.

If you are a US national/resident you have to fill out an IMBRA Attestation form prior to getting contact details of the women you communicate with. After sending a contact details request, please click the appropriate link to download a blank IMBRA attestation form. You are kindly requested to fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and return it by email at . Upon receiving the form we will check your data against the National Sex Offender Public Registry or the State Sex Offender Public Registry.


When contact details of any woman listed on is requested by a US national/resident, the woman receives the results of the IMBRA check and signs it confirming her approval of releasing her personal contact details to the man.